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Supporting Children & Youth in a Mental Health Crisis

 Parent support and information session: Sept. 23rd 6:30-8:30pm
For families interested in attending, this event takes place at the Langley Civic Facility. This month Jonah Starr from CYCP will be presenting in person. This will be a popular topic with limited seating available. Please RSVP to Tammy Music <[email protected]>

For more information, here is the flyer:

School Policies Updated!

Hi families,
The Lynn Fripps Elementary staff have been kind enough to supply us with this year’s school policies including dress code, technology policy, and medical information.  Read on!




Students are expected use common sense and good taste in dressing for school. The guidelines include:


  1. Shoes are to be worn at all times. (Heelie shoes are not to be worn in school for safety reasons)
  1. Flip-flops & sandals are not recommended for safety reasons, especially for the playground where the bark mulch covers the ground surface.
  1. Hats, hoodies and head covers are not to be worn indoors.
  1. Spaghetti strap tops, beach wear, open midriff tops, clothes that have been altered, torn or cut in any way are not considered appropriate school attire. Tank tops must adhere to the ‘4 finger rule’ (straps are to be 3 inches wide covering undergarment straps). Tops should not be lower than the clavicle level.
  1. Articles of clothing that display vulgar, offensive or suggestive slogans, alcohol related and offensive pictures will not be acceptable.




Lynn Fripps Elementary is a 21st Century School and students will have many opportunities to use either school devices or their own devices during learning activities.  However, we are also conscious that technology can at times be misused.  We want to make sure that students are not abusing the privilege of using their own devices in the school.

So, we are asking students to follow these guidelines:

  1.  Do not use computer or smart devices for non-educational purposes.
  2.  Do not take pictures or videos of other students without permission from the student and a teacher.
  3.  Do not use pictures or videos created at school for non-school related purpose (for example, posting videos to YouTube.
  4.  Do not cyber-bully, cyber-gossip, or cyber-slander.
  5.  Devices must be kept with the ringer off in backpacks.
  6.  Students are to use the school phones when needing to contact parents/guardians.
  7.  Students are not to take devices out at lunch, recess or during outdoor supervision times.




If you have a child who has anaphylaxis, please request a medical information Forms to be sent home.  A request for Medication Administration at School and an Anaphylactic Student Emergency Plan form must be completed by the parents/legal guardians to identify student as anaphylactic.

Back to School Details Announced!

The school website now has a full description of how the first week of school programming will work.

The bell rings on September 8th at 8:35am at which time returning students will be lined up outside their classrooms from last year. Kindergartens are to line up outside the multipurpose room. For more details please read the full agenda here!