Constitution & bylaws.pdf


Section I     Name

The name of the Association shall be the Lynn Fripps Elementary Parent Advisory Council

The Council will operate as a non-profit organization with no personal financial benefit.

The business of the Council shall be unbiased towards race, religion, gender, politics sexual orientation, and physical or mental ability.

Section II    Purposes Of The Council

  • The purpose of the Council is to support, encourage and improve the quality of education and the well being of students in Lynn Fripps Elementary School.
  • To promote the education and welfare of students in the school

To advise the principal and staff on parents’ views on any matter relating to the school – programs, policies, plans, and activities other then matters assigned to the school planning council.

To communicate with parents, and to promote cooperation between the home and school in providing for the education of children.

To assist parents in accessing the system and to provide advocacy support for individual children and their parents.

To encourage parent involvement in the school, and to support programs that promote parent involvement

To contribute to a sense of community within the school and between the school, home, and neighbourhood.

To assist the principal and staff in ensuring the highest safety standards are maintained in the school and neighbourhood.

To organize and support activities for students and parents.

 To advise and participate in the activities of Langley District Parent Advisory Council.


Section III  Dissolution

In accordance with the School Act, Part 2, Division 2, Section 8(5)(a), “A Parents’ Advisory Council, in consultation with the principal, shall make bylaws governing its meetings and the business and conduct of its affairs, including bylaws governing the dissolution of the council”.


  1. In the event of dissolution and following payment of all outstanding debts, disbursement of remaining funds will be decided upon by the membership at the final general meeting
  2. In the event of dissolution of the Lynn Fripps Parent Advisory Council, all records of the organization shall be placed under the jurisdiction of Langley School District No. 35, in the person of the principal of Lynn Fripps Elementary School.
  3. This provision shall be unalterable.

Section IV   Interpretation Of TermsCommunity organizations’ means groups that demonstrate an interest in education and are not already included in the scope of the PAC’s constitution and bylaws.

  1. DPAC’ or ‘District Parent Advisory Council’ means the parent advisory councils organized according to the School Act and operating as a district parent advisory council in Langley School District No. 35.
  2. ‘PAC’ or ‘Parent Advisory Council’ means the parents organized according to the School Act and operating as a parent advisory council at Lynn Fripps Elementary School.And, for the purpose of this Constitution and Bylaws, means a parent of a child enrolled at Lynn Fripps Elementary School.
  3. ’SPC’ or ‘School Planning Council’ means the School Planning Council created for Lynn Fripps Elementary School according to the School Act and shall consist of the following persons: (a) the principal of the school (b) one of the teachers at the school, elected annually by secret ballot by the teachers who teach at the school; (c) Three representatives of the parents’ advisory council who are (i) Parents of students enrolled in the school and (ii) elected annually by the parents’ advisory council;
  4. One of the representatives elected under subsection (c) must be an elected officer of the parents’ advisory council.
  5. ‘School’ means any public elementary or secondary education institution as defined in the School Act operating within Langley School District No. 35.
  6. ‘Parent’ is as defined in the School Act and means (a) the guardian of the person of the student or child, (b) the person legally entitled to custody of the student or child, or (c) the person who usually has the care and control of the student or child;
  7. ‘Executive’ means the elected officers of Lynn Fripps Elementary School Parent Advisory Council.
  8. District’ means Langley School District No. 35.
  9. The Board” means the Board of School Trustees for Langley School District No. 35



Section V    Membership In A PAC

  1. All parents and guardians of students registered at Lynn Fripps Elementary School are voting members of the Parent Advisory Council.
  2. Administration and staff (teaching and non-teaching*) of Lynn Fripps Elementary School may be non-voting members of the Council.
  3. Members of the Lynn Fripps Elementary School community who are not parents of students currently enrolled in the system may be invited to become non-voting members of the Council.
  4. At no time will the PAC have more non-voting than voting members

Section VI   Meetings

The number of general meetings will be set by the executive, except a minimum of five meetings (including the Annual General Meeting) shall be held during one school year.

There shall be an Annual General Meeting for the purpose of electing executive officers, and representatives to the School Planning Council, held before the fifteenth (15th) of June each year.

Meetings will be conducted efficiently and with fairness to the members present.

Executive meetings may be held anytime or place as deemed necessary. The purpose of executive meetings is to carry on business between general meetings.

If procedural problems arise on an issue not covered in these bylaws, Robert’s Rules of Order shall be used to resolve the issue.

  • A Council meeting shall not be a forum for the discussion of individual school personnel, students, parents, or other individual members of the school community.


  • The Council will refrain from partisan political action or other activities that do not serve the interests of the school or the public school system.


  • Executive meetings will be held at the call of the president. At least one executive meeting will be held before each Annual General Meeting
  • Monthly meetings will be advertised widely.


    1. Members will be given reasonable notice of general meetings.
  • Members will be given thirty (30) days notice of the Annual General Meeting 


Section VII Quorum and Voting

  1. Quorum
  • A quorum shall be five voting members.
  • A quorum shall be four for executive meetings.



  1. Voting
  1. Unless otherwise provided, questions arising at any meeting shall be decided by a simple majority vote (50% plus 1).
  2. In the case of a tie vote, the motion is defeated.
  3. Members must vote personally on all matters; voting by proxy shall not be permitted.
  4. Voting shall be done by a show of hands, with the exception of the election of officers, which may be done by secret ballot. A vote shall be taken to destroy the ballots after the election.

Section VIII          Election Of Executive Officers

    1. The executive will include the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, 1 representative from the SPC, the DPAC representative, and 2 Members at Large.
  • The executive officers shall be elected from the voting members at the Annual General Meeting.


  1. In the event of a vacancy on the executive during the year, an election shall be held at the next general meeting.
  2. The President shall conduct elections.
  3. Nominations may be received up to and during the Annual General Meeting, until declared closed by the president
  4. A letter of notice for nominations should be distributed to all families in the school at least fourteen (14) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
  5. All voting members of the PAC are eligible for and may accept a nomination upon nomination by two voting members, except that no employee or elected official of Langley School District No. 35 or the Ministry of Education shall hold an executive position.

Section IX   Term Of Office

  1. The term of office shall commence immediately following election at the AGM and shall be for one year.
  2. No person may hold any one position for more than three consecutive years unless the said position has not been filed after the first round of elections in which case, they may run again in subsequent rounds.
  3. No person may hold more than one elected executive position at any one time.
  4. The Past Chairperson shall hold that office for one year

A. Removal of Executive

  1. The members at a general or specially called meeting may, by a majority of not less than 75% of the votes cast, remove an executive member before the expiration of his/her term of office, and may elect an eligible member to complete the term.
  2. Written notice specifying the intention to make a motion to remove the executive members must be given to all members not less than fourteen (14) days before the meeting.

Section X    Executive Officers

  1. The affairs of the Council shall be managed by a board of elected officers and the immediate Past Chairperson.
  2. The Executive Officers may be as follows:
  1. President
  2. Vice-President(s)
  3. Treasurer
  4. Secretary
  5. District Parent Advisory Council Representative
  6. Past President
  7. School Planning Council
  8. Members At Large

Section XI   Duties Of Officers


  1. The President:
  • shall speak on behalf of the PAC
  • shall consult with PAC executive and members
  • shall attend and preside over all membership and executive meetings
  • shall ensure an agenda is prepared and presented.
  • shall allow input from membership
  • shall appoint committees where authorized by the membership or executive
  • shall ensure that the PAC is represented in school and district activities
  • shall ensure representation at DPAC meetings
  • shall ensure that PAC activities are aimed at achieving the purposes set out in the constitution.
  • shall ensure PAC Bulletin in main foyer is maintained and up to date
  • shall take such actions or ensure that such actions are taken by others to achieve the objectives and purpose of the organization
  • shall oversee all PAC activities
  • may be a signing officer
  • shall submit an annual report, including a Financial Statement to the membership by the end of September each year
  1. The Vice-President:
  • shall assume the responsibilities of the president in the president’s absence or upon request
  • shall assist the president in the performance of his or her duties
  • shall accept extra duties as required
  • may be a signing officer
  • shall submit an annual report to the membership
  1. The Secretary:
  • shall ensure that members are notified of meetings
  • shall record, prepare, distribute and file minutes of all membership, special and executive meetings shall keep an accurate copy of the constitution and bylaws
  • shall submit a copy of the amended constitution and bylaws to the school office and the school board office
  • shall prepare and maintain other documentation as requested by the membership or executive
  • shall issue and receive correspondence on behalf of the PAC
  • shall ensure all records of the PAC, including financial records are kept in a designated and accessible area on school premises
  • shall keep an accurate record of PAC executive and committee members
  • may write and/or submit PAC newsletter
  • may be a signing officer
  • shall submit an annual report to the membership
  • The Treasurer shall:


  • shall be responsible for and report on the financial accounts of the organization
  • shall maintain good record keeping of all financial activities of the PAC using acceptable book-keeping standards
  • shall ensure all funds of the PAC are properly accounted for
  • shall disburse funds as authorized by the membership or executive
  • shall report on all receipts and disbursements at general and executive meetings
  • shall make financial records and books of account available to the membership upon written request shall have the financial records and books of account ready for inspection or audit annually
  • shall assist with an annual draft budget and tentative plan of expenditures
  • shall be one of the three signing officers of the executive
  • shall ensure that another signing officer has access to the financial records and books of account in the Treasurer’s absence
  • shall prepare and submit a Year End Financial Statement and provide such to the president for submission to the membership
  • shall submit an annual report to the membership
  1. The DPAC/PAC Representative:
  • shall act as a liaison between the PAC and the Langley DPAC
  • shall attend all meetings of Langley DPAC and represent, speak and vote on behalf of the PAC
  • shall maintain current registration of the PAC
  • shall report regularly to the membership and executive on all matters in relation to the DPAC (at general meetings)
  • shall seek and give input regarding district (DPAC) and provincial (BCCPAC) issues to the DPAC on behalf of the PAC
  • shall receive, circulate and post DPAC newsletters, brochures and announcements
  • shall keep the DPAC Handbook up to date
  • shall submit an annual report to the membership
  1. The Past President:
  • Shall help smooth the transition between Presidents
  • Shall assist, advise and support the Council
  • Shall provide information about resources, contacts, and other essential information to the Council
  • Shall act as a consultant for the President
  1. The School Planning Council Representative

The School Planning Council is a school committee, which is an external committee with respect to the PAC. The School Planning Council consists of the principal, a teacher elected by the teachers, and 3 parents

  • shall represent the PAC at regular SPC meetings and extraordinary meetings required of the SPC and provide input regarding the following: the allocation of staff and resources in the school
  • matters contained in the Board’s accountability contract relating to the school
  • educational services and educational programs in the school
  • the development of a school plan for the school in respect of improving student achievement
  • matters assigned to the SPC
  • shall represent, speak and vote on behalf of the PAC at SPC meetings
  • shall request and take direction from the membership and executive


  1. Members at Large:
  • shall serve in a capacity to be determined by the PAC at the time of election and at other times as the PAC requires
  • shall be strong advocates for meaningful parent involvement in the school and school planning
  • shall attend general and executive meetings as directed by the membership or executive
  • shall submit an annual report to the membership
  • The membership and executive may appoint committees to further the PAC’s purposes and carry out its objectives. Committees will report to the membership and executive as required. Out-going representatives serving in positions shall work in conjunction with their respective newly elected representatives, from the period immediately following the AGM until the end of the current school year. Committee coordinators include but are not limited too; fundraising, hot food, popcorn, social, emergency preparedness,  book fair, health & wellness(including fruit and vegetable program)

Section XII Code Of Ethics

A parent who accepts a position as a PAC Executive Member:

  1. Upholds the constitution and bylaws, policies and procedures of the Lynn Fripps Elementary PAC.
  2. Performs her/his duties with honesty and integrity.
  3. Works to ensure that the well being of students is the primary focus of all decisions.
  4. Respects the rights of all individuals.
  5. Takes direction from the members, ensuring representation processes are in place.
  6. Encourages and supports parents and students with individual concerns to act on their own behalf and provides information on the process for taking forward concerns.
  7. Works to ensure issues are resolved through due process.
  8. Strives to be informed and only passes on information that is reliable.
  9. Respects all confidential information.
  10. Supports public education.

A. Representing the Council

  • Every executive member and representative must act solely in the interests of the parent membership of the Council.

B. Privilege

  • Any information received in confidence by an executive member or representative from school personnel, a student, parent, or other member of the school community is privileged and must not be divulged without permission of the person giving the information.


  • C. Disclosure of interest
  • An executive member or representative who is interested, either directly or indirectly, in a proposed contract or transaction with the Council must disclose fully and promptly the nature and extent of his or her interest to the membership and executive.
  • Such an executive member or representative must avoid using his or her position on the Council for personal gain.
  • Section XIII Financials Fiscal ear
  • The financial year of the PAC will be July 1 – June 30.
  • Bank Accounts
  • All funds of the PAC must be kept on deposit in the name of the PAC in a bank or financial institution registered under the Bank Act.
  • Interim Handling of Funds
  • All funds must be kept locked on school premises until such time that they can be given to the Treasurer for deposit.
  • Signing Authority
  • The executive will name at least three signing officers for banking and legal documents, one of whom will be the Treasurer. Two signatures will be required on all of these documents.
  • Power to raise money
  • The Council may raise and spend money to further its purposes
  • Non-budgeted expenditures
  • The executive will present all proposed expenditures beyond the current budget for approval at the next general meeting.
  • Budget
  • The executive will prepare a budget and present it to the membership for approval before the current budget expires.
  • A budget and tentative plan of expenditures should be drawn up by the executive and presented for approval at a general meeting prior to the end of September of each year. It is advisable to set aside a certain sum of money received during the year to be held over for start-up operating costs for the following year.
  • All monies spent above and beyond a predetermined petty cash amount of one hundred ($100.00) will be first presented to and voted on by the executive, and then approved by a majority at a general meeting.
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • A Treasurer’s report to all members should be available at each general meeting and a financial statement should be published and presented for acceptance by the PAC membership at a general meeting prior to the end of June of each year.


  • Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Lynn Fripps Elementary Parent Advisory Council may be made at any general meeting at which business is conducted, providing a minimum of fourteen (14) days written notice of the meeting has been given to all members.
  • A seventy-five percent (75%) majority vote of those voting members present at the meeting will be required to amend the Constitution and Bylaws.
  • The Constitution and Bylaws of this school’s PAC shall be filed with the Board of School Trustees for Langley School District No. 35 upon application for recognition under the School Act, Part 2, Division 2, Section 8 (1) and Section 8 (2)
  • All documents, records, minutes, correspondence, or other papers kept by a member, executive member, representative, or committee member in connection with the PAC shall be deemed to be property of the PAC and shall be turned over to the president when that member ceases to perform the task to which the papers relate.
  • A copy of the constitution and bylaws shall be dated, signed, and forwarded to the office and the School Board Office for safekeeping.